Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nilpod 8 - The Ragepod! GGGRRRRR!!!!

Oh, it's on! It's on like Donkey Kong!!!

Nicky and Wil get their rage on today with the Ragepod.

There are many things that get our respective goats and because we need those goats we get very angry!

We discuss what it takes to tip us over the edge and what we have done to enrage others.

Nicky also finally makes good on his promise of an embarrassing photo. While it is no match for the mighty mullet, he has finally stepped up and delivered by showing Wil a photo of him committing the ultimate fashion crime; Denim jeans with a denim shirt. A picture of Nicky in Jeremy Clarkson mode should be here soon!

Check iTunes for Nilpod 8. It'll be there this evening some time.

Enjoy and keep in touch!

W & N.

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