Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nilpod 7 - The Indignity of Labour!

Well, Nilpod 7 is available for download now.

This week, Nicky and I discuss the world of work. We learn about how Nicky decided to get his CV noticed! We learn about how Wil provided Dublin with 15 second snippets of porn in the 80's for free and we answer the question 'What does The Pope do all day?' once and for all. or available from iTunes.

Next week is the 'Ragepod'. We will be sharing with you the things that boil our blood and send us into murderous rages and we want to know what pushes your buttons too. Not things that just annoy you, we want things that make you FURIOUS!!!!

Also, if you'd care to suggest a topic for Nilpod 9, send any and all suggestions to and the winning suggestion will win some kind of prize......maybe.....we'll see.


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